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Spyderco Advertisements

Over the years Spyderco have advertised in many forms of print media, attracting the discerning buyer. Here are some of those ads. 

Chinook ad

Spyderco Chinook C63 advertisment from approx 2000.


Spyderco knives Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association licensed advertising.

Designs ad

Latest Knife designs from Spyderco advertisement.

Thank Q ad

Spyderco Q advertisment.

Spyderco magazine ad 2

Spyderco advertisement from 1995 Tactical knives magazine.

Spyderco magazine ad 3sml

Spyderco magazine advertising.

Byrd knife ad

Byrd knife advertising flyer 2004.

Sprint runs ad

Sprint runs ad from 2005 before the out of stock text was added.


Spyderco show booth advertising using the famous All Gods Critters image.

Destined to serve

Destined to Serve Spyderco magazine advertisement.

Shot show ad 1999

1999 Spyderco advertisement for the Shot Show booth.

Shot show ad 1998

1998 Spyderco advertisment for the Shot Show booth.

Jot Singh Khalsa

Vintage advertisement for the Spyderco C40 Jot Singh Khalsa.

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