Spyderco Stickers

I am always adding to this collection so this is one page that will always grow, and change. I am of course thankful for the generous friends that share with me. I could not get these with out their generosity. Please enjoy.

I am always searching for more to add to this collection. If you have anything that could help me out please email me 

Spyderco sticker 1

This set is the 2020 collection.

Spyderco sticker 2

Spyderco sticker 3

Spyderco sticker 4

Spyderco sticker 5

Spyderco sticker 7

Spyderco sticker 6

Spyderco sticker 8

Spyderco sticker 11

Spyderco sticker 10

This Heartbeat Decal was released in 2020 to promote the release of the Spyderco app. They were giveaways on the Spyderco facebook page and the Spyderco Forum for IOS and Android users.

Spyderco sticker 9

Spyderco mirror decal

Spyderco mirror decal instructions

Spyderco sticker 12

Spyderco vintage window decals

Spyderco vintage window decals. Large is 10" x 2" and small is 6" x 1 3/16"

Spyderco 2020 stickers

Spyderco stickers from the 2020 release. These are seven of the ten I can identify so far.

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