Spyderco Vanquest front view

Spyderco Vanquest bag. 1000d cordura and over 22 pockets and pouches.

Spyderco Vanquest rear view

Spyderco vanquest bag rear view

Spyderco Vanquest 2

Spyderco Vanquest bag. The front has numerous pockets and pouches for storage.

Spyderco carry bag

General carry bag given away at shows etc. This measures 13" x 13" or 330mm x 330mm

Spyderco Vanquest bag inside view

Spyderco Vanquest bag inside. Soft padding with storage for small laptop or tablet.

Spyderco plastic carry bag

This is from late 90's early 2000's. This measures 16" x 18" or 405mm x 500mm

Spyderco bag vintage small

Small vintage shopping bag from Spyderco. This is the front side. It measures 226mm x 303mm or 9" x 12"

Spyderco bag vintage small reverse

Spyderco vintage small shopping bag reverse side.

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