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Spyderco Dealer Promotional Items

Dealers of Spyderco knives sometimes create an item that is available if you purchase Spyderco products. Yippee!!

Spyderco Zippo

Spyderco Zippo DLT Exclusive. Only 100 made and last available approximately early 2017.

Blade HQ Spyderco cards front

Blade HQ Spyderco playing cards. Available about November 2019.

Blade HQ Spyderco cards open

Blade HQ Spyderco playing cards contents sample.

DLT Spyderco Hank folded

DLT Spyderco Hank folded.

DLT Spyderco Hank open

DLT Spyderco Hank unfolded.

Blade HQ Mat

Blade HQ Spyderco Mouse Pad.

Spyderco tag

Cutlery Shoppe Spyderco promotional luggage tag.

Millie Tag

Cutlery Shoppe promotional luggage tag for Spyderco Millie, PM2, Para3 Club Facebook Group.

Cutlery Shoppe tag

Standard Cutlery Shoppe promotional luggage tag.

BattlBox Spyderco Mat

The Spydero 1st release knife cleaning mat/edc tray from Battlbox. These were available as an outright purchase in 2020. The mat measures 11" x 6.75" or 280mm x 170mm.

Smokey Mountain Knife Works coin

The Smokey Mountain Knife Works Spyderco coin. These were a giveaway if you purchased a Spyderco knife from SMKW in July 2020 while stocks lasted. The coin measures 1.5" or 38mm.

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