Spyderco Clothing
Bread truck T-Shirt

Spyderco Bread Truck T-shirt TSBT.

Knife anatomy T-Shirt front

Spyderco knife anatomy T-shirt front TSKA.

Knife anatomy T-Shirt back

Spyderco knife anatomy T-shirt back TSKA.

Bug Logo T-Shirt

Spyderco Bug Logo T-shirt TSB.

Spyderco Mountain T-Shirt

Spyderco Mountain T-shirt TSMTN.

Spyderco Beanie

Spyderco beanie.

Crafted for life shirt

Crafted for life T shirt TSMCFL.

Spyderco logo shirt

Spyderco logo T shirt TSM.

Spyderco Bandana Large

Spyderco Bandana unfolded. This is cotton and measures approx 675mm or 26.5".

Spyderco Bandana

Spyderco Bandana folded up.

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