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Spyderco Clothing
Bread truck T-Shirt

Spyderco Bread Truck T-shirt TSBT.

Knife anatomy T-Shirt front

Spyderco knife anatomy T-shirt front TSKA.

Knife anatomy T-Shirt back

Spyderco knife anatomy T-shirt back TSKA.

Bug Logo T-Shirt

Spyderco Bug Logo T-shirt TSB.

Spyderco Mountain T-Shirt

Spyderco Mountain T-shirt TSMTN.

Spyderco Beanie

Spyderco beanie.

Spyderco Cap Zen Imports

Spyderco Cap from Australian Spyderco distributor Zen Imports.

Crafted for life shirt

Crafted for life T shirt TSMCFL.

Spyderco logo shirt

Spyderco logo T shirt TSM.

Spyderco Hat 4

Spyderco military inspired hat. 100% cotton cap with embroidered logo on the front and Spyderco name on the back. Available in black in 2011 and 2012 catalogues. Available in Grey in 2009 and 2010 catalogues.

Spyderco Bandana

Spyderco Bandana folded up.

Spyderco Bandana Large

Spyderco Bandana unfolded. This is cotton and measures approx 675mm or 26.5".

Spyderco Hat 4 back view

Spyderco hat rear view of the Spyderco embroidery.

Spyderco Bandana 3

Spyderco Bandana Black with red bugs. BAND3. Released in November 2020.

Spyderco Bandana 4

Spyderco Bandana Respect. BAND4. Released in November 2020.

Spyderco Bandana 2

Spyderco Bandana Red with black bugs. BAND2. Released in November 2020.

Spyderco belt buckle

Spyderco buckle in brass. These were made for Spyderco by Jim Phillips.

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