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Spyderco Shapes

The Spyderco shape is used in many forms and materials to promote the Spyderco products because it is so recognisable. For that reason collectors like myself have been gathering the many items that come in the shape of the Spyder as fast as we can.

Spyderco folder holes

These are the laser cut holes from the knives. They may be from folders or fixed blades.

Spyder cutouts

These are acrylic Spyders in different sizes and colours. The Stainless ones are used for shows like Blade show and the Amsterdam meet for Spyderco Forum members.

Spyderco childrens badge

Spyderco pin badge. These were given to kids at the Spyderco kids days. The badge measures 1.25" or 32mm across. I was very lucky to have this given to me.

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